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Welcome toClos Uroulat

My vine grows in a breathtaking landscape every morning of the year, facing the Pic d'Orhy and the Pic d'Anie, with the snow when I prune, the torrents when the vine flowers, the red slopes at harvest time...

Charles Hours

Our wines

Discover an exceptional range of dry, tender, soft and sweet Jurançons. Wines that embody the harmonious meeting between ancestral know-how and contemporary creativity. Each bottle tells a story, that of the Hours family and the land that saw the birth of these unique wines.

Charles Hours Uroulat

from Charles

My vineyard has become my garden, and my wine is the fruit of my happiness in this Trouilh district, “pressoir” district in Béarnais.

You know that I am a farmer, attached to this country and this landscape, more than a poet, but believe me when I say that I want, and I find, in our wine, the characteristics of this country.