Some words from Charles

My vineyard has become my garden, and my wine is the fruit of my happiness in this Trouilh district, “pressoir” district in Béarnais.

My vine grows in a breathtaking landscape every morning of the year, facing the Pic d’Orhy and the Pic d’Anie, with the snow when I prune, the torrents when the vine flowers, the red slopes at harvest time…

You know that I am a farmer, attached to this country and this landscape, more than a poet, but believe me when I say that I want, and I find, in our wine, the characteristics of this country.

Calmed, patient with nature, convinced that beauty and goodness are linked, often joined by my epicurean friends, always passionate about this land and this profession, full of gratitude for the team – Gérard, Jean Marie, Jonathan and Marie Pierre – with whom I work who is more than family to me…. I recognize my happiness, and I have become the moving guardian of this garden.

All this happiness, this beauty and this emotion, I want to share them… they are, thanks to the alchemy of the cellar, in the wines of Clos Uroulat, and await you…